Around here, we don’t just learn for the sake of learning—we learn so we can illuminate a brighter tomorrow. And our outstanding faculty, superior research facilities and driven students are only some of the reasons is a top-notch academic choice.

375 Undergraduate Programs of Study
Nearly 9,000 degrees & certificates awarded to students annually
Birthplace of Liquid Crystal Technology

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  • Looking for the degree at that fits your educational goals? With our more than 340 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, you’re sure to find the one for you. Search our Northeast Ohio degree options below.

  • A top-tier national public research university, Kent State provides plenty of opportunity to take your education to an even higher level.

  • Our learning options range from on-campus to around the world to across the Internet. Further your education with our online courses — at a very high academic standard.

  • is excited to be a part of the Ohio College Comeback Compact, an innovative program to help students who left college without a degree continue their education.

Trending Career Areas

  • Want to make the world a better place but undecided on how to begin? Choosing a future in a health profession will help you to make a difference. Kent State is the place to start your journey. You’ll find that many of the leading health programs are offered right here. Explore more than 75 options to see if one might be a good fit for you.

  • Cybersecurity is vital to nearly every part of our daily lives. Find out how to take advantage of this expanding job market at , where we prepare our students to take on the security threats of today – and tomorrow – as skilled cybersecurity professionals with powerful earning potential.

  • offers a world of educational opportunities in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through many of our academic majors and through hands-on, youth STEM activities and innovation camps.

  • Emerging technology is one of the fastest-growing business categories in Ohio and across the globe, exploding with jobs in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, analytics, semiconductors and other digital technologies.  


Our colleges offer an array of undergraduate and graduate programs, so every explorer may find their brightest path.

Learning at Kent State

  • Experiential Learning

    Experiential Learning

    From service learning to internships to education abroad, we learn by doing at .

  • Honors College

    Honors College

    We’re proud to provide an enriched educational option to our bright and bold students.

  • Office of Global Education

    Office of Global Education

    Expand your mind and horizons with education-abroad in China, Europe, South Korea, Australia and beyond.

  • Design Innovation

    Design Innovation

    A network of spaces and laboratories, where diverse disciplines collaborate to address complex technological and social problems through design.

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The provost oversees 10 colleges and one independent school across eight campuses. Go get acquainted.

Our library system houses over 3.2 million volumes, offering plenty of resources to help further your education.